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A Closer Look at Some of the Best Neighborhoods in Brentwood, CA

Panoramic Views of Brentwood

Nestled at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood known for its tranquil tree-lined streets, luxurious residences, first-rate amenities, and charming collection of upscale designer boutiques, independent bookstores, and local eateries.

Located on the Westside of Los Angeles and surrounded by other coveted neighborhoods like Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Westwood, Brentwood offers an enticing blend of outdoor recreation, high-end shopping, world-class cultural destinations, and picture-perfect scenery.

Interested in relocating to Brentwood? On this page, we’ll give you a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods in Brentwood, CA.


Brentwood and the Getty Center

Much of Brentwood’s charm stems from its collection of affluent neighborhoods, each boasting architectural elegance and a sophisticated ambiance. Meticulously landscaped estates with impeccable curb appeal set the stage for an unsurpassed living experience. Highly rated public and private schools together with a wealth of recreational amenities cater to residents of all ages.

Learn more about the best neighborhoods in Brentwood, CA here.

Kenter Canyon

Located in the north-central section of Brentwood, Kenter Canyon is a residential community known for its outstanding schools, family-friendly atmosphere, and idyllic surroundings. Many homes in Kenter Canyon feature elegant architectural styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Italianate, and a mix of contemporary styles.

Residents of Kenter Canyon have easy access to scenic outdoor destinations like Kenter Canyon Park, Crestwood Hills Park, and the Casa Viejo Trail, offering plenty of opportunities to reconnect with nature and enjoy a wide range of activities.

For families with children, Kenter Canyon is home to Kenter Canyon Elementary, a highly rated charter school with a process-oriented and uniquely child-centered curriculum. Kenter Canyon Elementary is one of the first school-based management LEARN Schools in California.

Crestwood Hills

Perched on the ridges of Kenter Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains, Crestwood Hills is one of Brentwood’s most sought-after neighborhoods due to its idyllic setting, stylish architecture, and tight-knit community atmosphere.

Born from a utopian vision of a group of musicians in the late 1940s, Crestwood Hills transitioned into a tranquil haven nestled in the foothills of Los Angeles. Today, the architecturally controlled neighborhood embodies a unique character, attracting prospective homebuyers seeking a laidback place to live.

Homes in Crestwood Hills are known for their beautiful Mid-Century Modern architecture. Several homes were designed by renowned architect Archibald Quincy Jones and are designated by the State of California as architectural landmarks.

Crestwood Hills residents who love the outdoors often visit Crestwood Hills Park, which features a network of hiking trails, basketball courts, a playground, a picnic area with barbecue pits, and a multi-purpose community room.

Brentwood Park

One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Brentwood is Brentwood Park, known for its exquisite luxury homes, sprawling lots, and serene wooded setting that serves as a refuge from Los Angeles’ busy streets. The neighborhood has a unique charm that has been tastefully preserved by the Brentwood Park Property Owners’ Association founded in 1915.

Strict zoning regulations and CC&Rs govern Brentwood Park’s minimum lot size and setbacks. All residences must be 50 to 100 feet from the street and have at least 14 to 25 feet of space from side property lines, giving the neighborhood an exclusive, upscale vibe.

Brentwood Park is an excellent choice for families looking to raise their children, as there are several top-quality schools located nearby, including Brentwood School, one of the most renowned independent college prep schools in Los Angeles.

Brentwood Glen

Brentwood Glen is an idyllic residential community renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, convenient location, excellent walkability, and impressive collection of upscale homes. Located south of Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Boulevard, Brentwood Glen offers a diverse mix of real estate options including single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.

This tree-lined neighborhood has plenty to offer including access to scenic trails and outdoor destinations and proximity to top-performing schools, making it a terrific choice for families seeking a comfortable lifestyle in a convenient location. Additionally, Brentwood Glen is a few minutes away from Santa Monica Boulevard and the San Diego Freeway, offering easy access to the greater Los Angeles area.


Nestled high above Sepulveda Pass amidst the Santa Monica Mountains, Mountaingate is a 694-acre hilltop enclave boasting a luxurious resort-style setting. This exclusive neighborhood is a hidden gem amongst Brentwood’s most prestigious communities, offering a picturesque and idyllic environment with lush, parklike landscaping, miles of meandering trails, and world-class amenities that rival those of the finest country clubs.

Mountaingate is perfectly situated to offer unparalleled convenience for residents. Easy access to the 405 and 101 freeways puts many of the best destinations of the Westside and the Valley easily within reach, offering a world of high-end shopping and dining venues right at your fingertips.

There are over 300 residences consisting of single-family homes and townhomes throughout Mountaingate’s 12 neighborhoods. All neighborhoods have swimming pools for residents’ exclusive use. Some neighborhoods feature amenities like clubhouses, spas, mini parks, and lighted tennis courts.

Bundy Canyon

Located four blocks north of Sunset Boulevard, Bundy Canyon is a thriving neighborhood nestled in the heart of Brentwood. The neighborhood offers a unique blend of tranquil living and easy access to a myriad of nearby shopping and dining options.

Bundy Canyon is home to Mount Saint Mary’s University, a private Catholic university established in 1925. Mount Saint Mary’s is the only women’s university in Los Angeles and is nationally recognized for its innovative health and science programs, research on gender equity, and unwavering commitment to community service.

Bundy Canyon features a wide selection of enticing residences equipped with a variety of first-class features such as stylish gourmet kitchens, expansive living rooms with fireplaces, and spacious primary suites with spa-like ensuite baths. Many homes are also situated on large lots with lush, grassy yards graced with mature avocado trees from Bundy Canyon’s orchard days.

Mandeville Canyon

Located in the westernmost part of Brentwood, Mandeville Canyon caters to those seeking a secluded atmosphere. Lush, tranquil surroundings, sweeping canyon views, and luxurious estates cultivate a relaxed setting, making it ideal for those who cherish privacy.

Mandeville Canyon extends north for about five miles starting from Sunset Boulevard to Mulholland Drive, offering easy access to many of the best destinations in the area. The neighborhood offers an enticing selection of expansive estates highlighted by magnificent canyon views. Many residences feature a variety of high-end amenities like resort-style swimming pools, spacious guest houses, and home theaters, offering a luxurious lifestyle.

1000 Westgate

1000 Westgate is an upscale condominium development situated in a prime pocket of Brentwood, east of Santa Monica, and around 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

The community is a short walk away from the Brentwood Country Club, giving members easy access to their award-winning championship golf course and other world-class amenities. The development is also minutes away from San Vicente Boulevard, the Pacific Coast Highway, and Santa Monica State Beach Park, making a diverse assortment of shopping, dining, and recreational destinations within reach.

1000 Westgate offers a selection of beautifully appointed residences in a breathtaking courtyard setting. Amenities include controlled access, secure parking, a resort-style swimming pool, and an expansive sun deck.


Interior of modern living room

Brentwood’s architectural landscape stuns with a diverse mix of elegant styles. Mid-century modern masterpieces stand shoulder-to-shoulder with timeless classics like Cape Cods, Spanish Revivals, French Provincials, and Tudors. Stylish exteriors with undeniable curb appeal hint at the exquisite interiors within, promising a life that blends sophistication with relaxed comfort.

The best neighborhoods in Brentwood, CA boast a varied collection of impressive luxury residences. Prospective buyers will be able to find many homes with a perfect blend of privacy, livability, and comfort, offering an unmatched lifestyle in one of the most coveted communities in Los Angeles.

Many homes for sale in Brentwood are equipped with a range of first-rate features such as meticulously landscaped yards, bright and airy interiors filled with natural light, beautiful gourmet kitchens with chef-grade appliances, elegant living rooms and formal dining rooms, and exquisite primary suites with spa-like ensuite baths. Many residences offer seamless indoor-outdoor living, embracing California’s sunshine and pleasant year-round weather. You’ll find a great selection of homes with expansive sundecks, covered patios, inviting outdoor entertaining areas, and other features designed to take full advantage of Brentwood’s picture-perfect surroundings.

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Brentwood offers an exceptional quality of life in a prime location minutes away from the finest attractions and destinations Los Angeles has to offer. But with a broad range of residential communities each with its own charm and character, finding an ideal neighborhood that matches your preferences and requirements can be a challenge.

To help you navigate Brentwood’s collection of upscale communities, here are some helpful tips on how to find the right neighborhood.

Define your priorities

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that caters to families, prioritize Brentwood neighborhoods close to top-rated schools like Brentwood Glen, Brentwood Park, and Kenter Canyon. For nature lovers, Mountaingate and Crestwood Hills are excellent choices, as these neighborhoods border parks and nature trails. If you’re seeking a lively atmosphere close to restaurants, nightlife venues, and trendy boutiques, consider South Bundy or Montana Avenue.

Consider the type of property

Most properties in Brentwood consist of single-family homes, although there are condos and townhomes available as well.

Many of the best neighborhoods in Brentwood, CA feature spacious single-family homes on large lots. For buyers seeking a lower maintenance lifestyle, some Brentwood neighborhoods have townhomes and condo developments, which are typically more affordable compared to single-family homes.

If you’re looking for an investment property, ask your realtor about Brentwood neighborhoods that have increasing property values and potential for future growth.

Proximity to work

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a neighborhood is commute time and proximity to your job. You can get a general idea of distance and how long it takes to reach your workplace by researching online. But if you can, try to experience the commute firsthand. Factor in rush hour traffic patterns and potential delays to get a more realistic idea of your daily commute.

However, keep in mind that focusing on the commute can limit your options. The key is to find a balance between commute time and other important factors like access to amenities, type of lifestyle, and proximity to friends and family.

Check whether the location is convenient

The location of your neighborhood has a significant effect not only on your overall happiness but on your finances as well.

Is there a nearby shopping center that has a grocery, a pharmacy, a cafe, or a deli where you can grab a meal to go? Proximity to shops you frequently visit reduces stress and helps you save more time and money.

See what amenities and activities are nearby

Whether you’re enjoying an independent lifestyle, raising a family, or seeking a relaxing retirement, easy access to quality amenities is crucial. The type of amenities your neighborhood has access to can significantly enhance your overall lifestyle.

A young couple with a dog may want to live somewhere close to trails or a dog park and have nightlife venues and restaurants nearby. A neighborhood close to a library, a park with tennis courts, or a community center offering weekly workshops and lessons could be an attractive option for families with children. For a retired couple, a neighborhood close to family or one that has an active social club that hosts weekly gatherings might be an ideal choice.

It might be difficult to find a perfect neighborhood that has all the amenities you seek, so just try to find one that offers a good balance between the amenities you value and convenience to those you might want to visit occasionally. This way, you’ll be able to prioritize your daily needs while still having access to other desired offerings.

Look into a neighborhood’s history

A neighborhood that takes pride in its history often has a roadmap for its future. Longtime residents and local businesses are keen to preserve their community’s surroundings, ensuring a sustainable future and a high quality of life. This fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the neighborhood’s well-being.

Strike a conversation with your potential neighbors and find out what they love about living in the neighborhood.

Leverage local expertise

Work closely with your realtor to gather valuable insights into the local market, get information on upcoming developments, and find a neighborhood that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Check with the local planning office to find out if there are any road expansions, construction projects, and other developments that might affect the neighborhood in the future.

You can gain a deeper understanding of a neighborhood’s pulse by engaging with current residents and attending local community events.

Visit the neighborhoods

Stepping beyond online research, physically visiting your shortlisted neighborhoods is crucial. Schedule property tours to get a true sense of the space and layout.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of a neighborhood’s character, venturing beyond pre-arranged tours and immersing yourself in the surrounding environment is key. Walk, bike, or drive around during different times of day. Immerse yourself in the local scene. Grab a coffee at a nearby cafe, visit the park, or browse shops. This allows you to experience the neighborhood’s vibe firsthand. Notice the traffic flow, noise levels, and overall atmosphere.

Pay attention to the details. Are there families playing outside, people walking their dogs, or a sense of community gathering? Is the area well-maintained and clean? Does it feel safe and welcoming? By actively engaging with the neighborhood, you can gather invaluable insights that brochures and websites simply cannot provide. This personal exploration helps you connect with the true essence of a place and determine if it aligns with your desired lifestyle.

Keep in mind that the right neighborhood in Brentwood is a combination of your budget, lifestyle needs, and personal preferences. By leveraging available resources, working together with your agent, and considering key factors, you’ll be on your way to finding an ideal neighborhood that perfectly matches your lifestyle.


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